Self-taught "newschool" photographer and storyteller from Vuokatti, Finland. Born in Olympic year of Munich. The most descriptive term is probably a lifestyle photographer.

Strong personal skills in adventure tourism for years as a fishing guide has led to travel photographing. Today, many assignments are related to tourism; social media, web and print material and also storytelling.

A mix of Finnish nature filled with outdoor action is quite often common environment for photoshoots.

"Photographing people in such an environment where they are at their best, or are able to do something different than some others, is the most rewarding, that's why I enjoy outdoor events"

With easy mobilizated photography equipments, photoshoot can be accomplish effectively also in more challenging environments. Ordinary environments for photoshoot are also not excluded such as birthdays, weddings, proms and corporate events.

Also a designer of industrial and consumer products as well as purchasing engineer.

@korpikustaa instagram